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A blog dedicated to my love and appreciation of Vali Myers. Please feel free to submit or share your own art/words/connection with Vali. This blog also functions as a community and I love hearing from you! None of the pictures in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated. Please click each picture individually (or the time posted link located below each entry) for more information. Questions/comments are welcome! Much love!! x

Vali Myers by Ed Van Der Elsken (from Love on the Left Bank, 1954)
Happy Birthday, dear Vali!! xoxo. Photo taken by Ed Van Der Elsken.
Film still taken from “Vali: Witch of Positano” (1965) directed by Diane Rochlin (Flame Schon) and Sheldon Rochlin. 
Night Flower: The Life and Art of Vali Myers, published by Outre Gallery. 
Vali’s passport and jewelry. (From the Night Flower book launch in Melbourne.) 
Painting from Vali Myers: Drawings 1949-79

The Fox Medicine Doll from @sacredfamiliar and my sketch of her…I fell deeply in love for this doll since the first instant I saw her, it’s probably my favorite of hers. The bright colors and the fox fur made me instantly think of Vali Myers, that’s why I gave her a little tattoo mustache. I am still working on the final drawing of the StagWoman, I think this will come next… ❤️

Vali Myers by Ed Van Der Elsken
Drawing by Vali
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