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A blog dedicated to my love and appreciation of Vali Myers. Please feel free to submit or share your own art/words/connection with Vali. This blog also functions as a community and I love hearing from you! None of the pictures in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated. Please click each picture individually (or the time posted link located below each entry) for more information. Questions/comments are welcome! Much love!! x

Today, February 12th, is the day that Vali died in 2003. Thinking of her a lot today, her incredible luscious art and vibrant life. Her flame is still very much alive as I see everyday, so many new people interested in her, coming to this blog and sharing their thoughts, art, and poetry. So wonderful to see how incredibly inspiring she continues to be! Sending lots of love to Vali, today and every day xoxo Thank you to the followers who have found me here and for continuing to share this blog with me. <3


Me as Vali Myers, one of my most beloved muse goddesses, shot by Darla Teagarden. Just wait until you see the images of Dusty Paik and I as twin Valis! Coming soooooon…

Il Porto, 1967, pen, black ink and watercolour, 14 x 15cm, private collection. by Vali Myers. (from the book Nightflower)

half spirit and half animal.
Left to right: Michele De Silva, Mati Klarwein, Ching Ho Cheng, and Vali. Photo from the book Night Flower.
Vali Myers by Ed Van Der Elsken

Have a glamorous and safe New Year with glittered cheeks and feather boas! Love to all xo

Vali and Rudi Rappold at an art exhibition in Positano circa 1967-68. Taken from Night Flower: The Life and Art of Vali Myers

Vali, The Witch of Positano, 1965, Sheldon Rochlin
Vali Myers by Ed Van Der Elsken
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